Founded in 1995 in the UK, AMI manufactures quality navigation equipment including docking aids, VDR/ SVDR, BNWAS, speed logs and is a global leader in offering a wide range of repeaters, interfaces and bespoke solutions. As an ISO9001/ 2000 registered company, AMI offers consistent high quality, and holds numerous Type Approval and MED Wheel Mark certificates for its products.

Established in 1995, Entel is a fully independent company operating its own design and manufacturing divisions, with distribution to a global market. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards to innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment. Entels product range consists of (GMDSS) VHF and UHF Handheld Radios for Marine and Land use, including intrinsically safe units as well as license free Radios.

totem plus
Totem Plus has been developing ship automation and marine computerised applications since 1994. The company is one of the pioneers in integrating several systems into one control system, and has a considerable installation record. Totem Plus philosophy is to use available “off the shelf” industrial modules, combined with powerful yet easy to operate software. As a result Totem Plus offers extras like the DST for their ECDIS or analytic tools for their VDR.

The quality, reliability and innovation demonstrated across SAILOR and Sea Tel maritime based systems combined with a worldwide network of service facilities ensures that with SAILOR products the requirements for communication of any vessel or fleet, regardless of size, application or location is met. SAILOR products are benchmark in the field of VHF, MF/HF and Satellite communication.

GME revolutionized the Emergency Beacon world with the introduction of the MT400 Series EPIRB, continuing with the current MT403 Model. Unrivalled in technology, reliability and price the MT403 EPIRB has one key advantage over competition models, the use of non-hazardous battery packs that are IATA compliant and allow restriction free air transportation.

SevenStar Electronics Ltd was formed specifically to provide high technology solutions to some of the more pressing safety, navigation and identification issues facing us today. The S.701 SART was the first in the market that can be shipped as an non-hazardous goods. Now also the new S.702 AIS SART is available. Besides the SART, SevenStar Electronics Ltd also produces their own Class A AIS Unites.

Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that takes technological innovation as the purpose, specializes in professional R&D, production and sales of high-tech marine accessories and provides worldwide professional after-sales service. The products range consists of ECDIS, VDR, BNWAS and Speedlog Systems.

Novega is a manufacturer of underwater location devices and protective data storage capsules based in Germany. Their new Acoustic Beacon PT9 Ninety exceeds the latest regulations for VDR/SVDR and is widely used on merchant vessels.

Veinland, also from Germany, manufactures a wide range of Interfaces, Extenders, Repeaters and Converters for Maritime application as well as Power Supplies, Computers, Displays, UPS, BNWAS, Sonar Systems and many more. The quality and reliability of the products match the term “Made in Germany”.

Fendress has just celebrated the 10th Anniversary since its foundation in 2005. Located in France Fenders has become a leading manufacturer of Fenders and Fender Covers of all sizes and shapes. Fenders and Fender Covers are stocked so that immediate delivery can be guaranteed.

McMurdo, a division of Orolia, is the global leader in emergency readiness and response including search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions. At the core of these solutions are resilient positioning, navigation and tracking products, such as SART, EPIRB and GMDSS Handheld Radios.

lilley and gillie
The roots of John Lilley & Gillie reach back to 1812, when the company started as a manufacturer of nautical equipments. Nowadays, the product range consists of Wind Speed and Directions Sensors, Magnetic Compasses, Marine Instruments and also ECDIS/ECS Systems.

Skipper from Norway is a manufacturer of Dual Axis Doppler Speed Log, Echo Sounder and Weather Fax equipment. That Skipper equipment can be found on almost every merchant ship is due to their reputation for quality and endurance of the products.

kelvin hughes
Kelvin Hughes has been designing, manufacturing and supplying navigation radars since the 1940's and, as well as being the supplier of naval radar to 30 of the world's navies, today it has thousands of radar and integrated bridge systems installed on cargo ships, cruise ships (notably the Queen Mary 2), fast ferries and offshore support vessels.
With the performance advantage and reliability of Kelvin Hughes upmast radars, installation and ownership costs are minimised and enables the Kelvin Hughes radar display to present the clearest radar picture to the navigator while taking advantage of a range of features designed to improve situational awareness at sea.